Laguna will introduce its SmartShopMT CNC with two new options at AWFS


These new options add additional capability to an already highly versatile CNC machine.

IRVINE, California — July 2, 2015 — Catherine Helshoj, Vice President, Laguna Tools, Inc., today announced that the company will introduce its SmartShop|MT CNC with two new options at booth 7411 in the AWFS® (Association for Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers) Fair in July in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Laguna Servo drives were designed with the intent to not only permit faster machining speeds but to also enable the addition of multiple capabilities in a single machine configuration. The closed-loop Servo drives have the ability to efficiently move the significant mass that results when capabilities such as CNC routing, tangential knife, tangential oscillating knife, and radial cutter/creasing units are combined. The SmartShop|MT is commonly equipped with a 12HP HSD electro-spindle including an eight station Automatic Tool Changer as well as Laguna Vision and a variety of drilling and tapping options. With the Laguna SmartShop|MT with Servo drives, the customer can purchase a single CNC machine tool with a broad range of machining capabilities and expect exceptional performance.

Another new option that will be displayed is the Laguna Vision system, a modular optical recognition system that was developed for the sign industry. Laguna Vision employs production job preparation and design software to provide “outline exact” cutting. The heart of the system is the OptiScout camera that is used to determine the locations of special markers that are placed in the graphic prior to printing. The detected locations are then compared to the original locations on the graphic and the system is able to determine and correct for the distortion that often happens in the printing process. Among its many benefits, Laguna Vision provides seamless communication with the Laguna-WinCNC machine controller to produce a completely integrated CAD, CAM, Vision and CNC control system.

The Laguna SmartShop|MT CNC machines feature the one-piece, welded structural steel machine frame that is standard across the entire Laguna SmartShop CNC product line. This provides excellent edge finish and part accuracies. Additionally, the MTs incorporate an extended gantry to insure that all of the machining heads have full table coverage. The velvety-smooth machine motion on the MT is achieved by using the highest quality, precision-contoured guide rails, helical rack and pinions, and precision ball screws. A Laguna-WinCNC machine control was developed to create an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use platform that would accommodate the wide variety of machining options that are available on the SmartShop|MT machines. Routing capabilities would typically include wood, plastic, composites, aluminum and other nonferrous materials. Knife operations cover a broad range of materials from signs to composites. The Laguna Vision system (based on Optiscout technology) is also available for controlling distortion that commonly occurs in many printing processes.

In discussing the machine, Helshoj commented, “These exciting new options on the Laguna SmartShop|MT CNCs were developed as a result of our customer requests. The machine platform provides all of the features of the classic SmartShop|MT, but with the increased performance that sign shops, furniture makers and other high-volume users require.”

Laguna Tools is located at 2072 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA 92606. The company may be reached at (949) 474-1200. The AWFS® Fair is scheduled for July 22-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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