Laguna Tools to Introduce New SUV CNC at IWF Atlanta


Laguna Tools to Introduce New SUV CNC at IWF Atlanta
Machine builds on heritage of SmartShop® II

Irvine, CA – A new CNC machine that combines the features of the widely used SmartShop® II with new
capabilities that add to its speed, strength and ease-of-use will be introduced by Laguna Tools at IWF
Atlanta, Booth 4813.

The new SUV CNC machine uses a B&R servo motor to allow the unit to operate at speeds as high as
2,000 IPM. This allows users to produce cuts at up to 1,000 IPM, a 40-percent increase over the feed rate
of the SmartShop® II.

To accommodate the higher operating speed of the SUV CNC, the unit is built with an all-steel gantry and
bridge. Additional functionality is also built into the SUV CNC since it allows the user to modify and edit
G-code “on-the-fly.” The unit is also equipped with a Manual Pulse Generator.

The SUV CNC is available in standard 4X8 and 5X10 configurations, as well as custom sizes as large as
6X20. Pricing for the SUV CNC begins at $52,000.

Laguna Tools is located at 2072 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA 92606. The company may be reached at
(949) 474-1200 or (800) 234-1976.

About Laguna Tools
Laguna Tools is an Irvine, California-based manufacturer of advanced CNC machinery and award-winning
bandsaws, tablesaws, edgebanders, and other woodworking equipment.

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