SmartShop® 4-Axis 24 x 48

The Laguna 4-Axis CNC Turner is also available in a “two-up” version with two spindles and two rotary axis for even higher turning productivity, and woodworkers will appreciate the “ease-of-use” of the Austrian-made Laguna CNC Touch Controller from B&R Automation. “We’re very proud of the control system, which we developed in cooperation with B&R,” said Helshoj. “Our customers say it’s the easiest, most intuitive control package they’ve ever used.” Helshoj points out that its non-Windows®-based operating system eliminates the problems associated with Windows-based systems.

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Product Description


  • 4 axis machine, X,Y,Z, and A (rotation)
  • Machine footprint: 91″ long x 45″ wide x 66″ Tall
  • Flat table work envelope: 27″ x 56″
  • 9″ of Z axis travel, (spindle is adjustable up/down)
  • 12″ of gantry clearance to flat table.
  • 10″ diameter capacity on Turner
  • B+R Smart Shop II 4 Axis Control Package.
  • 5.7″ color touchscreen for operator interface.
  • Real time X2X communication network for code processing and system diagnostic network.
  • Built in HTTP server for file transfer,remote control, and remote diagnostics.
  • Operating system uses Flash Card system, no hard drive to fail, no moving parts.


Picture above shown with optional features

  • Optional automatic tool changer
  • Vacuum table
  • Controller upgrade



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Length: 91″
Width: 45″
Height: 66″


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